Company Overview

Company Name g-Worth Solutions Inc.
Foundation Date June 21, 2002
Address 1-11 Higashiooi Shinagawa-ku Tokyo Japan
Contact e-mail
Japan 03-3450-7549(Mobile phone 090-8819-5732)
Capital 3 million yen
Dealings bank Bank of Tokyo-MitsubishiUFJ Bank Branch of Jinbocho branch
Resona Bank Shinagawa branch
Director Representative director Ryosuke Komochi
Director Xianku Lee (ESKO Japan corporation representative director) 
Director Tomomitsu Yokoyama 
Dainichi Techna Company representative director
Notices Accreditation of the Temporary Measures Act for promoting creative business activities Tokyo Metropolitan Government Accreditation No. 3193
Rails Engineer Certification Examination Steering Committee Promotion School Members (January 2017)
Intellectual property right 4 patents related to site service has been filed
One patent based on Chinese business has been filed
At partner's Office in Dalian China
( 2002/9/6)
Representative director brief history