Business Infomation

Providing MVC type design tools We have started offering a trial version of a web system design tool in MVC style.
* The following URL is a trial version of "Platform for shaping ideas".
Platform For Idea
Web Sysytem Development Support railsWe support web application system development by Ruby on Rails
* Suuport Web system requirements definition and consulting.
* We support commissioned development of web system by Ruby on Rails.
* Consulting on Ruby on Rails
Education support for Ruby on Rails rails We provide technical support for the spread of Ruby on Rails.
* Our thinking about Ruby on Rails.
* Our policy of education support for Ruby on Rails
* We will provide the education with business trip for Ruby on Rails.
* Provides the educational text for Ruby on Rails.
Translation to Japanese from English for IT We will translate English to Japanese translations of IT texts.
* Professional English-to-Japanese translation is available based on long translation experience.
(Especially for Japanese translations of IT systems that require specialized know-how.)
* Please contact us separately for Japanese-English translation.

First of all, please contact us by e-mail.