About Ruby on Rails


Why Ruby on Rails?

Rails is one of the frameworks for building web applications created using Ruby, a programming language.
Ruby is a programming language created by Japanese Yukihiro Matsumoto(Matz).     Rails was created for building a web application by David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) who recognized the goodness of the Ruby programming language, and it continues to evolve daily. This framework is packed with the wisdom and experience of excelent predecessors. In particular, Rails provides a very sophisticated application development mechanism based on Ruby's full object-oriented thinking.

Generally, when building a web application from scratch, you have to solve all the issues yourself, but the framework is free to effectively use the basic, standard frameworks that you often use It is made available. Therefore, you can quickly incorporate smart and sophisticated mechanisms of excellent predecessors thought.
  As a result, it is possible to flexibly and quickly build an individual web application with high functionality and quality that is easy to understand, based on standard specifications, and to facilitate application maintenance and operation management including extension and improvement of functions after construction.

  Rails provides a tool to easily build applications, and even beginners for application developper can take them to the heigh position at once, but since it incorporates the superior ideas and mechanisms of various predecessors as mentioned above, It is not so easy at all to understand them.

    We will evaluate the high potential of Rails and actively promoting it as a tool that plays a major role in changing the development of future applications.

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